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Apr 11, 2022

TopUp-Balance service is the most convenient method to top up mobile from around the world. Now it’s easy to keep contact with relatives and friends, wherever on the Earth you are – it’s just necessary to know a friend’s phone number to be able to provide him/her financial assistance anytime.

In the catalogue there are more than 200 countries, with which providers we cooperate. We make advances for everyone, in spite of his/her country of residence and mobile provider used. For example, for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus the providers most popular in CIS countries are available: lifecell, Vodafone, Beeline, Megafon, Kyivstar, PEOPLEnet, Altel and others.

Refill phone online through the website: peculiarities of the service.

Have you decided to use the international service to pay mobile phone abroad? Several simple steps must be followed:

  •  On the website select the country you are interested in and, if necessary, change the language for the one convenient to work with.
  • In the appropriate line enter phone number you are going to top up. As a rule, country code is adjusted automatically, when you have fulfilled the first item.
  • Determine the category. It can be as follows: connection, mobile packages, PINs (scratch card), finances, public utilities, travels, shops, games. To top up mobile, click on “Connection” and necessary service.
  •  Enter the amount manually in a special box or select from the offered ones. For such countries as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus the amount can be shown in rubles, but arrives to the account in the required equivalent. You will see the specific amount at the payment confirmation stage.
  • Enter the desirable payment method – payment system or digital wallet. The service supports crypto currency payments as well.
  •  The last step – check filled in data for absence of errors and, if everything is right, indicate current email and confirm fulfillment of the transaction.

Topping up process on our website takes maximum 5 minutes. Money is charged to balance almost immediately. Among other pros is minimum commission.

The purpose of our service is to help people residing abroad and forced to make business trips outside their country to keep stable connection with parents and friends. For instance, you may greet a relative on the anniversary, presenting him/her a certificate or topping up mobile for a large sum/ Thousands of kilometers aren’t an obstacle!

The website is popular among travelers. It is extremely convenient: before going to travel worldwide for a month, to know that contact with home won’t be lost, and to be able to provide material support for your family. The same applies to freelancers. Now it’s possible to work from around the world, constantly moving but keeping in touch with colleagues, partners and friends. If you’re a freelancer and get income with cashless transfers to the electronic system or purse, using this money you can purchase any digital products on the service.

Our team tries to follow its principles – we don’t work in offices with notebooks, but in different regions, cities, countries and even continents. As well as you, we actively use mobile recharge function to support contact with each other from around the world.


Can I top up my phone online?

Online or website means going to the mobile provider's internet site to top-up. You will need a any cryptocurrency (bitcoin, lighting, litecoin, monero, etherium) or credit / debit card for payment. This option may also be used to top-up credit on someone else's account.

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